ESPRO Coffee French Press P5


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Great-tasting coffee doesn't have to be a treat. The P5 French Press Coffee Maker brings great-tasting coffee to you every day through two powerful innovations; patented double micro-mesh filters and the ability to seal off your brewed coffee from residual grounds to quickly stop coffee from over brewing. The result is a full-flavor and smooth cup of coffee every time. 

The Espro Press P5 is an amazing addition to your craft coffee routine. The Espro’s double filter feature is truly revolutionary and is completely changing the game of French press coffee.”  - French Press Coffee

Size Name: 32oz
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  • THE SECRET IS INSIDE: ESPRO French Presses make smooth, grit-free coffee—thanks to our double micro-filter.
  • CAFÉ LEVEL FLAVOR: A silicone lip runs along the rim of the ESPRO filters to create a tight seal. When you press the plunger down, extraction stops immediately—so your brew doesn’t get bitter over time.
  • 4 MINUTES TO SMOOTH COFFEE: The unique design makes it easy to brew cafe-worthy coffee you’ll love in just four minutes at home.
  • STAY PUT GLASS: German-engineered glass is 40% thicker and is secured in the cage by a Safety Lock 
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Made with a Stainless Steel frame for added durability to brew for life.
  • PAPER FILTER COMPATIBLE: Enjoy a pour-over style, coffee oil-free taste, by adding a paper filter between your dual micro-mesh filters. (Paper Filters Sold Separately)
  • ENJOY MORE COFFEE: Our 32oz press serves 2-4.
  • DIGITAL BREW GUIDES: Follow our step-by-step digital brew guides and get a quick start as soon as you receive your brewer.
  • Dimensions: 6" L x 4" W x 9.75" H
  • Material: Stainless Steel Cage; Schott-Duran Glass
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Capacity: 32oz
  • Paper filters sold separately 
  • Tea micro-filter sold separately 
  • Made in China