ESPRO Coffee Micro-filter P3/P5/P6/P7

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  • Specifications
  • Double micro-filter with twist-lock for easy separation and cleaning
  • BPA, BPS and phthalate free
  • Patented and global patents pending
  • Not sure which size filter you need? Measure the diameter of the micro-filter: 32 oz is 4.125 inches, 18 oz is 3.375 inches
  • If you own a Travel Coffee Press or Ultralight Coffee Press, these particular filters will not fit your product. Please purchase the correct replacement filters for the Travel and Ultralight products
  • You might need a replacement filter if one of the filter baskets has become damaged, or if you lost one of the filter baskets.
  • If your product has become more difficult to press over time, you may need to just clean your filters rather than replace them. We recommend soaking filters at least monthly in our Deep Clean formula