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Recipe Alert! White Mocha Peppermint Pour Over Coffee

Looking to be the host with the most this holiday season? Or how about the best guest? Look no further than a festive drink that’s sure to impress — our white mocha peppermint coffee made in an ooh and aah-inducing ESPRO BLOOM Pour Over.

If you’re a guest, our BLOOM Pour Over Brewing Kit is portable enough to take with you anywhere. And for hosts, there’s no better way to make after-dinner dessert and coffee an experience.

Although we LOVE using the BLOOM Pour Over to make our morning barista-style coffee in two minutes flat, unleash its full potential with a coffee cocktail. Here’s what you’ll need:



- Makes 2 servings



- 3 tablespoons finely ground coffee (coarsely ground if you’re not using a paper filter)

- 3 tablespoons white chocolate chips

- 2 mini candy canes

- 2 ounces liqueur of choice, such as Irish cream or spiced rum (optional)

- Whipped cream

- Mini candy canes and crushed candy canes for garnish



1. Start by placing the white chocolate chips and 2 candy canes in the bottom of the carafe.

Step 1

2. Next, place the ESPRO Bloom Pour Over on top of the carafe, and insert a pre-wet paper filter (only if you want to!) for quick clean up.


Step 2


3. Add your coffee grounds inside the paper filter and pour in 1.7 ounces of hot water that’s 195-205 degrees in a circular motion (Pro tip: A gooseneck kettle is perfect for this because you can control where the water goes more easily, and it’s a slower pour.).


Step 3


4. Wait 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom before adding the remaining 11 ounces of hot water. As the coffee drips down into the carafe, it’ll melt the chocolate and peppermint, making your coffee taste as festive as can be.


Step 5


5. Remove the BLOOM Pour Over by the lip (safety first!) and give the coffee a quick stir to make sure everything has dissolved, before dividing your carafe of coffee into two coffee cups. Add 1 ounce of your favorite liqueur to make this a spiked coffee (hello, holidays!). Then top with a big dollop of whipped cream. Add a candy cane and top the whipped cream with some crushed candy canes. Voilà! Holiday coffee to impress everyone (even Scrooge).   


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