Ultralight French Press Coffee Brewing Guide

How to Use an Ultralight P0 ESPRO French Press


Looking to make delicious French Press Coffee in your new ESPRO Ultralight P0 coffee press? The steps below will help you get started with a quick guide to get you brewing as soon as your press reaches your door.  

What You Need

  • - ESPRO Ultralight P0 French Press
  • - Boiling Water
  • - Coarse Ground Coffee
  • - Paper Filters (Optional)

Step 1

Measure out your grounds according to the chart below (coffee is subjective so no judgement on how you choose to brew - experiment to find what you like best).

Pro Tip: Can’t find your tablespoon – simply fill up your bottom filter all of the way with grounds and dump them in your French press for a quick medium brew (remember to rinse off and lock your filters back together before using).

Coffee Roast Recommendation 

Tablespoons of Coffee 

Grams of Coffee 

Coffee Ratio 

Dark Roast 




Medium Roast 




Light Roast & Col d Brew 





Step 2

Pour measured coffee into the bottom of the vessel and then put the two filters back together by twisting to lock. 

Pro Tip: Add an ESPRO paper filter between your dual micro-mesh filters for an even cleaner brew. 

Step 3

Boil water. Fill the press with water until the water meets the maximum fill line located on the inside wall of your ESPRO Ultralight French Press and give a quick stir to ensure all the grinds are wet. 

Pro Tip: Boiling water is 212°F, but the ideal temperature to make French Press Coffee is 195-205 °F so let your boiled water sit a few moments to bring it down a few degrees.  

Step 4

Place the lower lid, that has the dual micro-mesh filters attached, onto the press gently sealing it back in place and allow the coffee to steep for up to 4 minutes. 

Step 5

Press slowly, counting to 15, until the plunger reaches the bottom of the French Press.     

Pro Tip: Our filters have a seal to prevent grounds from reaching your coffee after the coffee is pressed, so there will be more resistance when plunging the coffee. 

Step 6

Put the cap on your travel press and remove the top cap any time you need a sip of delicious coffee, knowing your grounds are staying far away from your perfect brew. 

Pro Tip: Paper filters can be composted with the coffee grounds!