Cold Brew Coffee Brewing Guide

Brew Guides - Cold Brew


Make up to 48 ounces of clean, flavorful concentrate. Enjoy your brew multiple ways—over ice, milk or mixed with hot or cold water.

What You Need

  • - ESPRO Cold Brew CB1
  • - Water
  • - Coffee

Step 1

Insert the mesh filter and paper filter into the brewer.

Step 2

Fill the brewer with coarse-ground coffee or loose leaf tea according to the recipe.

Step 3

Fill the growler to the recipe line with cold water and pour into the brewer. Repeat, ensuring all grinds or leaves are immersed in water.

Step 4

Cover the brewer with the lid and allow coffee or tea to brew for 12-24 hours at room temperature.

Step 5

Place the growler on a flat surface prior to draining brewer. Place the funnel on top of the open growler.

Step 6

Remove the lid from brewer, then place the brewer on top of the funnel. Your cold brew will begin to drain immediately and completes in approximately 20 minutes.