Cappuccino Tasting Cup Set


Everyone knows that different wine glasses bring out the best flavors in your favorite vino. And the same is true for coffee. Creating the perfect cup is an art, and the perfect cup is needed for enjoying your brew to the fullest.  The Cappuccino Tasting Cups are designed to amplify cocoa and nutty flavors and aromas. 

Includes two 6oz cappuccino cups

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  • SCIENCE-DRIVEN DESIGN: Crafted using the same sensory science principles as wine, beer and spirits glasses
  • PORCELAIN: Dishwasher and microwave safe with the perfect thickness for heat retention
  • PERFECT PAIRINGS: Pair this cup with a coffee that has cocoa or nutty notes
  • BEST NEW PRODUCT 2019: Awarded at World Of Coffee 2019, the global expo for the specialty coffee industry
  • Set of two 6oz cappuccino cups
  • Made in China