CB1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker


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  • EASY TO BREW, EASY TO LOVE: Clearly marked fill lines on the glass growler take the guesswork out of measuring your grounds and water.
  • KEEP THE GOOD IN AND THE GRIT OUT: Grounds flow through two filters—a micro-mesh disc and paper filter—for a smoother, grit-free brew.
  • NATURALLY SWEET: Cold brewing preserves the sweet flavors and aromas of coffee beans and results in up to 66% less bitterness and acidity than traditional hot brewing.
  • SPILL PROOF: The brewer valve stays closed until you attach it to the growler and automatically closes once you are done, reducing drips and spills.
  • FRESHER FOR LONGER: Our glass growler is made with UV-ray protected glass so you can enjoy longer-lasting flavor anywhere from your kitchen table to an outdoor picnic for up to two weeks.
  • MORE COFFEE TO ENJOY: Whether you’re brunching with the girls or stocking up for a long week ahead, our Cold Brew Kit has got you covered. Our UV-ray protected growler holds up to 46 ounces, or 23 cups of cold brew concentrate so you can fulfill all your caffeinating needs.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS: Just like ground coffee, out paper filters are compostable which means that any excess materials from the brewing process stay out of landfills and can actually help enrich soil.
  • Dimensions: 7.2" L x 7.2" W x 13.3" H
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs.
  • Material: Stainless Steel; Polypropylene, Glass, Silicone, ECF Filter Paper
  • Comes with 5 compostable paper filters
  • Made in Taiwan

Makes up to 23 servings

The ESPRO CB1 Cold Brew Concentrate Kit makes it easy to brew smooth and delicious cold brew coffee in bulk at home. It features a special filter system that combines micro-mesh and paper filters to extract the best flavor from your coffee beans and prevent grounds from ending up in your brew. Additionally, the growler has measurement lines that allow you to accurately measure the right amount of coffee each time, ensuring consistent and delicious taste. The durable stainless steel brewer comes equipped with an auto-lock drainage valve that opens upon placement on top of the growler and closes automatically when removed, preventing any spillage when draining the final brew into the storage, UV-protected growler. With the ESPRO CB1 Cold Brew Concentrate Kit, you can enjoy up to 23 cups of cold brew each time you brew!

“The ESPRO Cold Brew Maker is a handsome brewer with a functional design”.

- New York Times, Wirecutter


Better, more flavorful cold brew doesn’t have to be complicated which is why we’ve developed a 3-piece system that promises the perfect pour every time. Let our CB1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker help you sustainably stay on the go with long-lasting flavor and virtually no waste.

Smoothest Cold Brew

Achieving a smooth, delicious cold brew is all about the filters. The CB1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker utilizes both a micro-mesh disc and a paper filter to ensure a smooth and grit-free brew. Try it out and savor the flavor!

Makes up to 23 cups of delicious cold brew

With the ESPRO CB1 Cold Brew Coffee Maker, all you have to do is mix 2 ounces of coffee concentrate with 6 ounces of your desired milk, water or ice. This brewer can make up to 46 ounces of coffee concentrate, which stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Easy to Follow Brew Guides

Our glass growler is designed with UV-ray protected glass to ensure your coffee stays fresh for longer. Additionally, the growler features easy-to-follow recipe lines to make the perfect amount of concentrate for you.

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