ESPRO Calibrated Coffee Tamper - Convex


The magic is in the click. Our convex espresso tamper lets you know by creating an audible click when it issues 30 pounds of tampering force so that you can have consistent espresso every time you pull a shot so you can enjoy barista level espresso at home.

Size Name: 58mm
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  • CONSISTENT ESPRESSO: Our tamper is calibrated to apply 30 pounds of pressure to your coffee grounds, and it clicks to let you know when you've reached the right force (no guesswork!) so you have precise, consistent espresso every time.
  •   BALANCED: Designed to be the same size and shape as traditional tamps but with a precisely balanced base to even out the grounds.
  • DURABLE: Stainless steel base and anodized aluminum handle are built to last.
  • CONVEX TAMPER: The slightly pointed bottom pushes the coffee grounds down and out slightly to create a great seal between the coffee grounds and the edge of the portafilter for a slow, even extraction every time.
  • Made in Taiwan