Coffee Tasting Cup


Awarded Best New Product at World Of Coffee 2019

Make your favorite cup of coffee even better! This Tasting Cup is sure to become your go-to. Simply choose a cup in one of the flavors noted in your favorite roast. Then sit back and experience how your Tasting Cup enhances those natural flavors and aromas for a heightened coffee experience. 

Includes one 10oz coffee cup to enhance your choice of fruity, floral, cocoa, or spicy flavors and aromas.

Color: White
Flavor: Cocoa
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  • ENHANCES NATURAL FLAVORS: Tasting cups are crafted using the same sensory science principles as wine, beer and spirits glasses to help elevate the aromas and flavors found in your coffee.
  • PICK YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR: Pair your coffee’s tasting notes with the best-fitting cup, or try your favorite coffee in all four cups to explore how existing flavors are enhanced
  • NEUTRAL CUP: Our tasting cups are made of porcelain which is a neutral material that won’t add any of its own flavors to the coffee.
  • DURABLY CRAFTED: All our tasting cups are dishwasher and microwave safe and hold 10oz of coffee
  • Single 10oz Coffee Cup
  • Made in China