Toroid Frothing Pitcher


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Create barista-level micro-foam at home easily with ESPRO's Toroid Milk Frothing Pitcher. Designed with a unique wide bell shape, simply point your wand in the middle of the pitcher and watch as the Toroid makes perfectly frothed milk every single time.

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  • EASY FOAM EVERY TIME: Because of the unique shape of our pitcher all you have to do is point your frother wand directly at the center of the vessel and let the magic happen.
  • PERFECT SHAPE: Our wide bell shape and unrivaled milk circulation help you make creamier and shiner steamed milk.
  • FORMED SPOUT: Helps you achieve ultimate precision for more controlled, detailed art.
  • REDUCE MILK WASTE: Etched fill lines reduce milk waste by helping remind you how much milk you need for each of your favorite drinks.
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Durable construction so it'll last for life
  • Made in China