Our Guarantee


Our Products, Our Word, And You.

Friends for Life Guarantee

Simply put, our guarantee is the best in the industry. We stand by our products without reservation and we mean what we say. We want to be your friend, for life.

Everything ESPRO Does

Design, production, material selection, packaging, our guarantee – is part of our commitment to create superior brewing products. When you put ESPRO products on your shelf, you can be sure your have quality and innovation you and your customers will value for years.

Designed & Built To Last

We’ve put years of thought into each ESPRO product, and we build them thoughtfully and responsibly.

The Materials Matter

Every element in our products is carefully considered. Stainless steel is used because it imparts no flavor and doesn’t oxidize or degrade over time. Food-grade paper filters are the thinnest possible biodegradable material, so environmental impacts are minimized. Insulation is ultra-light, and never deteriorates. BPA-, BBP-, and phthalate-free plastic meet the highest possible standard for food-grade plastic in the industry. They neither hold nor impart flavor, and pose no risk of leaching into food over time.


Inevitably, some parts wear out with repeated use. We make it easy to buy parts for items that can wear out over time. Less landfill, more love.