Espresso Brew Guide


Our tamper is designed to have a very subtle and gentle click when it reaches the calibration point. You will feel it in your hand, yet it will not jar the grinds or cause channeling in the puck.

Our Toroid pitcher creates perfect microfoam with one, two, and four hole steam tips. Create consistent microfoam every time and pour with more precision with these best practices.

What You Need

  • - ESPRO Calibrated Tamper
  • - ESPRO Toroid Milk Frothing Pitcher

How to Brew with Your Calibrated Tamper

Step 1

Hold your tamper like you would hold a microphone. Wrap your fingers around the handle with your thumb resting toward the base.

Step 2

Push down the tamper with firm, even pressure—ensuring you hear the click that confirms 30 lbs of force have been delivered.

Step 3

Twist the tamper a quarter turn to polish the surface.

How to Create Microfoam with our Toroid Pitcher

Step 1

Pour cold milk to the spout line.

Step 2

Submerge the wand in the centre of milk and activate the steam. With a one hole tip, angle the entry, and keep it close to the edge of the pitcher to rotate the milk into a whirlpool. With a multi-hole tip, point it straight down and keep it near the center of the pitcher.

Step 3

As the milk turns to foam, the volume will increase. Keep foaming until the volume has increased about 50%.

Step 4

You can also tell your foam is complete by the temperature of the pitcher. If it is too hot to touch for more than a second, the foam is ready. 160 degrees is ideal.