Ultralight vs. Travel Press


Ultralight vs. Travel Press

Many have asked ESPRO what the main differences are between the Travel and Ultralight Press. While there are some concrete differences, it boils down to a matter of personal preference (on some level) and how much room there is for coffee gear.


The presses are both double walled, stainless steel, vacuum insulated and featuring patented double microfilters. Seems similar so far? The Travel and Ultralight use the same size microfilter for coffee, tea, and paper filters so you can swap one out for the other. Here is a rundown of the production specifications:

“Made by coffee fanatics for like-minded obsessives, the French-style press employs two filters, each one nine times finer than your traditional mesh French press filter, delivering blissful, pure coffee.” Paste Magazine

Do you have one, either, or both? Thoughts?

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